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Fatacil Equestre 2017

Encontra-se a decorrer desde o passado dia 18/08/2017 e até ao próximo dia 27/08/2017, em Lagoa - Algarve, a FATACIL.
Evento no qual a Celicerca, Lda se orgulha de fazer a manutenção do piso equestre, para os eventos equestres a decorrer.
Venha visitar o nosso Stand, mesmo em frente ao Picadeiro.

Riatour 2017

The Equestrian event Riatour, which runs until the end of January, is being held since 6 January. Celicerca is responsible for the assembly and maintenance of the equestrian floor, the heating track, and the main runway.

Madrid Horse Week 2016

Once again and for the 3rd consecutive year Celicerca, Lda, is responsible, together with the illustrious Mr. Alain Storme, for the assembly and maintenance during the tests of this great international event that is the Madrid Horse Week


Founded in 2011 by Paulo Marques, initially dedicated exclusively to seals, quickly evolved and adapted to market needs.

Today is dedicated to the construction of arenas, all kinds of fences, pergolas construçãode and still frames of vineyards and orchards.

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